Reclaim is a catalyst, a global culture change transmedia campaign based in sacred activism, organized around communities of practice (COP) with the goal of enhancing positive social change through open source systems of shared knowledge. The outcome will be the creation of crowdsourced graduate level curriculum on global transformation.

We have Occupied. 
Now we Reclaim ... 

We invite all conscious people to Reclaim in defense of all future generations, in honor of all past generations, and in the name of the Unknowable Essence of life. We the people know how to Occupy. Now we are learning how to Reclaim. We have practiced global non-violent resistance of oppression. Now we are beginning to create global systems of empowerment. We believe radically-constructive-sacred-activism is an essential tactic for addressing the grievances listed in the Declaration of Occupation; realizing the primary components of the Vision For a Democratic Future drafted during the American Occupy National Gathering; and implementing The Open Source Imperative presented by Occupy The Earth at the United Nations Rio +20 Earth Summit. By sharing divine and scientific inspiration The People are openly innovating tomorrow's civilization! Uniting the divided peoples and radically reinventing our relationship to the commons accelerates innovation!

New technologies, open innovation: for the first time in history We The People are capable of global collaboration and innovation. We ARE unstoppable.  

In summary:

  • is The invitation and learning center for radically-constructive-sacred-activism, i.e. Reclaiming.
  • The Future We Build is the action framework for Reclaim, creating an open standard for open guilds and teams around the world to share experience, and develop experience and best practices for resilient community economies.
  • The Open Source Imperative is the global cultural and technological initiative, directly transcending the elite culture of knowledge and resource hoarding.
  • The Local Bill of Rights and Responsibilities is the grass roots legal foundation to Reclaim the divine human right to make The Future We Build, in every Reclaiming community around the world.
  • The Global Game is the planetary framework to celebrate gifts to the Global Commons and to focus our collective Reclaiming. Through participatory play we will change the value system from hoarding to sharing, adding real value to the global commons and helping to create a world of abundant wisdom and knowledge.  The Global game is built upon the OSI.
  • Hockey-Stick NGO  will be a non-government organization (NGO) acting within the United Nations to focus on the implementation of the Open Source Imperative. Reclaim the UN from corporate capture!

These Founding Reclaim Principles inform what we call radically-constructive-sacred-activism (or Reclaiming).  We Global Public Stewards of Reclaim have and will contiunue to refine, perfect and implement the following Principles through The Future We Build.  Stewards of Reclaim are elected by trust and individual realization of the following principles, which we organize into Central, Holistic, and Relative Principles. Central Principles inform our Holistic and Relative Principles, as an axis unites the spokes and rim of a wheel.  All of the principles will determine The Constitution, to be drafted by trusted Stewards of the first Future We Build project in New York. 

Central Principles:

As inspired by the historic and living tradition of the Iroquoi Nation, We Stewards work for Unity, a Culture of Peace, and Positive Language.  We commit ourselves to the advancement of humanity, sustainability and meaningful transformation at every level of our global lives.  We adopt these principles to ensure an ever advancing civilization in harmony with itself, nature, and Spirit.  We build through awareness and conversation, openly sharing our knowledge and wisdom traditions. We gather and empower each other's personal and social development through our collective service to humanity and the world. 

Spirit: We acknowledge Spirit and empower each other to actively share, in a respectful, equal, and unoppressive or dogmatic manner, our relationship to the Unknowable Essense or the Most High cause in our service.

Global Service: Service to humanity is a community effort in which spiritual and physical unity and respect determines success.

Holistic Transformation: Meaningful global transformation begins internally, is expressed through deeds, not words, and manifests when a group of principled people work together for the good of humanity.  

Integral Implementation: Complete transformation requires an integral approach in its conception, collaboration, and implementation.

Embodied Justice: We build to create Justice, and thus must embody Justice by actively electing oppressed people of our human family in the core development, collaboration, implementation and governance of Reclaim.

Empowerment: Step up, and empower because acknowledgement and gratitude for each other's skills, service, and sacrifice at all levels will ensure a lasting and dynamic movement.  

Best Practices: We inform our actions and implementation of these principles through scientifically based best practices that integrate all dimensions of life.

Radical Openness with Respect: We share what we know, do not know, and wish to know about The Global Commons, with deep respect for individual, cultural, and universal boundaries.

Security through Solutions: We recognise the challenges in confronting existing power structures, inequity, and ecocide and assert that the process of Reclaiming is intrinsically restorative for the planet and the people. 

Conscious Evolution: The aim of Reclaim is to build a future in which evolutionary development is a deliberate intention of all humankind.

Intergenerational Equity: We build not only for all of humanity today, but for all of humanity from all generations, for our children, their children, and in honor of our ancestors and Teachers.

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