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A Community of Practice (CoP) is a group of people who share a craft and/or a profession.

Community is the key organizing principle. Blockchain effectively creates a global-computer with peer-to-peer interaction at its core. 

A Peer-to-Peer, or P2P, Economy is a decentralized model whereby two individuals interact to buy or sell goods and services directly with each other, without intermediation by a third-party, or without the use of a company of business. The buyer and the seller transact directly with each other. Because of this, the producer owns both their tools (or means of production) and their finished product.

Each Community is a holon (complete unit) in the greater holon of the total system - the Collaborative Commons.

"A biochemical definition of the cell membrane reads as follows: the membrane is a liquid crystal (phospholipid organization), semiconductor (the only things that can cross the membrane barrier are those brought across by transport IMPs) with gates (receptor IMPs) and channels (effector IMPs). This definition is exactly the same as that used to define a computer chip. Recent studies have verified that the cell membrane is, in fact, an organic homolog of a silicon chip."

"Taken in this context, the cell is a self-powered microprocessor. Simply stated, the cell is an organic computer." — Bruce Lipton, The New Biology

This self-similarity of the biological cell and computer chip offers the foundation for scientific study into the evolutionary aspects of the Internet and the emergence of the "Global Brain." 


Types of Community

  • A community of action, unlike a community of practice (CoP), exists in a situation that is structurally more open, where actors have the possibility of bringing about change. 
  • A community of circumstance, examples might include cancer sufferers using a support newsgroup or the inmates of a correctional facility can be thought of as a community of circumstance.
  • The community of inquiry is broadly defined as any group of individuals involved in a process of empirical or conceptual inquiry into problematic situations. 
  • A community of place is a community of people spend a continuous portion of their time. A neighborhood, town, coffeehouse, workplace, public space; or any other geographically specific place.
  • A community of position built around life stages (such as teenage years, university student years, marriage, or parenthood) provide individuals with the opportunity to build relationships with others during that particular phase of their lives
  • A community of purpose serves a functional purpose, smoothing the path of the member for a limited period surrounding a given activity. For example, researching a topic on, buying a car on, antique collectors on or individual investors on

The Third Industrial Revolution

Communications, Energy, Manufacturing

An industrial age is defined by three primary technologies; communications, energy, manufacturing. Twenty years ago the first generation of the Internet redefined communications. Today through the Internet of Things, robotics, and blockchain energy and manufacturing are transforming.

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