Imagine resilient global cultures collaborating with a world of shared knowledge sparked by technology and interconnection. Our mission is to share new ideas with thought leaders and influence policymakers.

TransComs was inspired in 2010 after meeting author, mystic, and sacred activist Andrew Harvey. A year later through our collaboration with Occupy the Earth Summit we delivered the Open Source Imperative representing Occupy Wall Street to the United Nations Rio+20 Earth Summit as a high-level document that promoted the transformative value of open source software, hardware, culture, and governance.

Everything is Everything

People, culture, the Internet of Things, robotics, 3D printing, and biomimicry are emerging to become a ubiquitous organic network. The TransComs Unified Theory framework is a response that drives transformation and change; it is a comprehensive framework delivering insight, knowledge, technical acumen, and passion for innovation.

We offer and deliver groundbreaking solutions for today’s evolving world and global cultures that fosters growth and leadership.

Join us to help to make the collaborative change.

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