Evolution in a Living Universe


"Not one of us I think can imagine that history could go on for another thousand years. I mean what would it look like? At the current rate of population growth, spread of epidemic disease, rate of invention, connectivity, depletion of resources, the atmosphere – it is impossible to conceive of another thousand years of human history. 

History then is ending. History is a kind of gestation process. It’s a kind of metamorphosis. It’s an episode in the life of a species. If you think of the simple example of metamorphosis, that of caterpillar to butterfly, we all know that there is this intermediate resting stage where the caterpillar is for all practical purposes enzymatically dissolved and then reconstituted and an entirely different kind of organism with different physical structures, different eyes, different legs, a different way of breathing, with wings where no wings were before, with a different kind of feeding apparatus. This is what’s happening to us. History is a process of metamorphosis."
— Terence McKena, Eros and the Eschaton

Open innovation amplifies the power of transformation

In the next forty years due to a number of forces driving down marginal costs: the Internet, nearly free and abundant distributed solar and wind energy, improved AI and robotics, 3D printing in plastic and metal, and perhaps most importantly--improved shipping and logistics with smart sensors embedded in packaging, sort of an uber-GPS to track goods, environmental impact, and economic efficiency. 

As our world metamorphoses TransComs is dedicated to advancing Evolutionary Sacred Activism to help advance the world. As Buckminster Fuller ultimately chose to embark on "an experiment, to find what a single individual [could] contribute to changing the world and benefiting all humanity." 

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